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The model shows off the clothing brand's Spring line

Photos: Frederick Kearney, Creative Director of Nasty Pig

Meet Bruin Collinsworth—the woofy new model for Nasty Pig. The brand's founders Frederick Kearney and David Lauterstein recently discovered Collinsworth when the two spotted him at the Mid-Atlantic Leather conference in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Now, the 23-year-old from Ohio has been tapped by Nasty Pig to model the brand's Spring line, which clearly fits well on his body.

"We cater to gay guys who like to work out and be stylish," Lauterstein recently told Out. "They tend to be people who appreciate what we do for the quality and the design and who like identifying with a brand they can’t get everywhere else."

We think Collinsworth fits that mold. 

"We saw [Bruin] across the lobby and knew we had to shoot him in our Spring line," Lauterstein recalls. "After MAL, he headed back to Ohio but we stayed in touch. When he gave us the heads up that he was coming to New York last month, we were glad to nab him."

"It was my first time in NYC," says Bruin. "But I knew that modeling for Nasty Pig would be a great use of my time there. If I want to see the Statue of Liberty, I can Google it."

"No brand includes all types. We are for a specific guy with a specific attitude," Lauterstein recently told Out. "Having body hair or a beard has nothing to do with that, but it has to do with a sense of wearing who you are on your sleeve. And that crosses a lot of different types of people, but our customers definitely somebody who wants to represent themselves in that way."

You can follow Collinsworth on Twitter and find all the clothes seen on him at or in person at 259 W. 19th Street in New York City.

Nasty Pig is available in Atlanta at the Boy Next Door Menswear and at

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