The expert Columbian designers MUNDO UNICO Launch their new ANDES inspired collection.

Condor Short Trunk

Andes Blue Short Trunk

Inspiration :

"Andes, a hidden place, painted with the finest brushes that make contrasting landscapes come to life. Remote and deep land, covered in green, forming long and high mountain chains where the sky is almost reachable.

Different colours, melting each other, give rise to the most shocking shades where its golden sundowns become the overture to enigmatic nights. Dawn, dusk, cold, heat, wind, water, everything in the same place, everything evoking the mother nature and making us picture colorful deserts, deep jungles, and diverse rainforests that serve as the home of a mixed wildlife that can only be appreciated in a place as magical as Andes. This is the perfect scenario for the condor, the eternal guest, to show its grandeur and claim ownership of these landscapes. Andes expands our horizons, takes us to a place away from monotony as it immerses us in a coloring journey, making us live new experiences and feel free and autonomous in our own universe."

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