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Glow Center Strap
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Glow Center Strap
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Glow Center Strap

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CAUTION: This product is not wearable on its own. Must own a complete Circuit Harness or your own bulldog harness with removable center strap.

Love our Hazard Circuit  harness but want to change text display without buying whole harness? No worries — they are sold separately.

Each can lit up in  7 different solid colors — red, blue, yellow, green, white, teal and purple —  or use the multicolor strobe mode. 

SPECS: Center strap is USB rechargeable and charge cable is included. Charges to max capacity in 2 hours. Fully charged, you have a maximum of 10-12 hours on Strobe mode and slightly less on Solid mode. Toggle between both modes with tabs on the battery packs. Do not overcharge the batteries — overcharging will weaken them over time.

To turn light on , hold down power button on back of battery for few seconds.  To switch between colors or flash mode, short click the power button 


SIZING: one size

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